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If you put the cursor over the link it will give you a preview of the site being stated!


David Youngs Branding Blog is written solely by David Young. He created this site as he is 'passionately curious'. He believed that the only way of helping a business is through 'questions', as questions lead to uncovering, 'which he uses to make businesses market themselves as being able to give a helping hand no matter which media they use.’

I believe he makes his money partially through his partner, Wizard of Ads, which is a company based in the United Kingdom and Europe which bases itself on factors which will determine a businesses success. By advertising a few items from other sites, for example business/ branding books being advertised which are sold on Amazon. He also draws in a form of income from his customers that come onto the site and read his reviews and which then choose to use his expertise, at a cost to them.I noticed he also uses Type Pad to create his Blog and has been using them since 2003.

Some journalists make entries every day but David Young is a bit more simplistic. he makes reviews around twice a month, either reviewing one of his success stories, and major businesses which are aiming themselves at any marketing or branding scenarios or saying what has or is going to be on his agenda.

The majority of David Young’s blogs do not have many comments on them this may mean that he is not quite established yet, this is also quite similar to the rivalry sites such as Brand Blog and The Brand Builder which both have many posts but they have around 3 comments per every 4 posts.

"Brand Blog, is a marketing and branding information Blog. Providing a daily dose of news and features from the world of the brand experience, media, and advertising industry for both the consumer and branding professional" The Brand Blog is not as appealing as David Young’s Branding Blog as the first thing you see on the David Young’s site is his face. depending on the reader this friendly looking face could be very perceiving and make the reader feel very welcome and get an idea of who is actually giving their point of view and willing to give a helping hand. The colours on Brand Blog are also not as appealing as they are just simple Navy and Black. The layout is very formal and will therefore probably attract this type of audience. Branding Blog also has various things across the page to catch your attention and has various font sizes to show importance.

The posts on the Brand Blog site on the other hand are short and easy to take in. A few illustrations also make it more enticing to read, especially if in a rush to take in the daily branding news. The stories provided are very wide spread and have a very open mind of where you can find branding in your everyday life. But the downside would be the fact that there are no comments against any of the posts. What could this mean about the Blog? David Young’s site also strikes you with the colours which appear, also the size of the text makes it more readable, the most attracting thing would be the use of the videos. Sometimes peoples understanding of things come across better with something visual to correspond with. In all the Format of the Brand Blog is a lot more systematic.

The Branding builder is also another site which captures the same kind of audience. The purpose of the Blog is to 'provide the readers with the most innovative and no nonsense advice and commentary on how to create strong lasting brands.’ The opening of this page is very eye catching compared to the rest of the Blog. It has a big title saying, the Brand Builder Blog with a picture of half a dogs face next to it. This part catches your attention but unless very interested in the Blog you can easily lose concentration half way through due to the solid amount of text and not many paragraphs or pictures.

David Young


For technology I looked at the Guardian Technology Blog by Jack Schofield.

Jack Schofield’s Blog is found at http://www.guardian.co.uk/profile/jackschofield, it is a Blog which gives daily information on what they think is the biggest story out there in the technology world on that day.The Jack Schofield’s Blog itself has the same look as the Guardian Newspaper in terms of colours and font.

I assume it was created to go along with the Technology news which the Guardian provides, so along with the new they are giving a place where the readers can also give their point of view. On the Jack Schofield’s Blog the posts are done solely by him. Jack himself is the Guardians computer Editor who decided to build up his own Blog on the guardian so he can have a say on the news which he see’s and hears everyday.

In the top right hand corner of his Blog is an advertisement of the latest Samsung mobile phone, this is related to technology and changes throughout the week to other technology products. This is also a form of income for the Blog or the Guardian itself. There are also two sponsors underneath the advertisement, a competition and the Mazda Triathlon. A little bit under that is again a few ads which are put there buy Google advertising a few technology websites . I assume if someone clicks on that site form Jack Schofield’s Blog both Schofield and Google will get a source of income form it.

Each post has a small title and has a round two lines from the actual text which is there to catch the readers attention. They can then click on the title of the post and read the rest and make any comments.

Schofield actually makes a few posts everyday, some of his posts have picture/ audio on it, but that is about 1 in 8.

A rival to Jack Schofield could probably be Mighty Gadget. This site is found at http://mightygadget.co.uk/ To make it easier to search they also have a list of categories going down the right hand side. This makes it easy for the reader to search for something of their interest. Might Gadgets mission is to give the latest news and reviews on Technology and Gadgets. They ask people to contact them if they want there product to be reviewed but warn them that their reviews are impartial. They have only two main authors which write reviews on their website, both of wh. There are no adverts currently on there but in the top right hand corner there is a link which you can click if you want to put an advert on their Blog. There colours are quite basic but you are able to keep visual with the posts as there are a few videos and pictures of the gadgets being reviewed.

Another Rival could be Claudine Beaumont from Telegraph.co.uk. This is another Blog bases solely on Technology and all posts are by Beaumont. She quotes’ That when she is not writing about technology, she will be found tinkering with the latest technology gizmos. She also co presents the latest TV show Gadget Inspectors. Not all her posts have comments but like most when it comes to topics such as Google or Apple the latest things at the moment there are always a few.

In comparison with the three I believe Claudine Beaumont’s is the most effective due to its brightest and most eye catching Blog. The pictures used seem to be very colourful and graphic. The titles are also not to complex as some Blogs have some technological words which a regular reader may not be able to understand unless indulged in the technology field.




For my Entertainment section I looked at two big names within the Sport Blogs.

Sid Lowe from the Guardian.co.uk, writes a weekly column for Guardian newspaper, World soccer, FourFour Two and the Telegraph. He is also a commentator and a panellist for Spanish Asian and US television and is at present being a translator for David Beckham. As you can see he has a full background within the Sports world and is probably why he decided to put his comments across to other sport fans.

The layout of the Blog is again quite simplistic, like the Guardian Technology Blog. At the top it has the different topics available to search in different colours so they are easy to identify. There is a nice picture of Sid Lowe on the left hand side which is quite big so that it is actually one of the first things you see along with the advertisement of an animal charity on the right hand side.

Sid Lowe seems to enter posts every few days. At the looks of his posts he aims to put across the latest football news, there are only around one or two posts about other sports, for example one post about Spain’s Olympic Basketball team making slit eyed gestures. Even though this is the only post not about football in the whole month it still had 162 comments against it showing the wide range of people which look on the Guardians Sport Blog.

BBC Sport also has a Blog called the Editors Blog, behind the scenes at BBC Sport. I looked at Roger Moseys Blog. Mosey is the director of BBC sport. They produce sport programmes for television, radio and interactive and web based services. The big sports for him when growing up were, football which he started playing when he was 4 years of age, rugby league and Yorkshire Cricket. He said he had never been a good player but mostly enjoys watching them. He is also a graduate and has worked with various news programmes, mainly with the BBC. And his most exciting experience since being head in the sport department of BBC would be the winter Olympics in Turin.


When looking at the comments you realise that some comments have nothing to do with the post . I think this shows that the Moseys Blog has some loyal readers and some of which read the posts even though they may not be very interested and just leave a comment to say “that’s true” or “I agree” and start to write about something else so they can get a response from him. And again on his Blog he has a picture of himself, slightly bigger then Sid Lowes.He does not have many posts but the posts he does have do have a few comments towards them and it looks as though he produces a post every 2-3 weeks.

In conclusion to these two big named blogs I think they are both quite successful compared to others, but this is just by looking at the feedback they get from the consumers. But Sid Lowes from the guardian draws in more attention through the images and the various topics on a day to day basis.




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